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What music do you dance to at your classes?
We dance to the classical music. There are children who find it strange at the beginning and they do not take to liking it at once, but they get used to it with time and they start to like it. The choice of music is very important because we have to dance so frequently to it. If the child does not like the music, her joy of dancing will be diminished, therefore we always choose wit great care, so that the music we have selected would be also loved by children.

How is the rehearsal conducted for the youngest children?
We introduce the element of game at these classes so as to keep the attention of the little dancers throughout the entire class. At the age of 7-8 on average children are generally ready for more serious work.

When can the first results be seen?                  
Approximately at the age of 7-8 we see the first results of work with those of our students who study with us from the age of 5-6. The first years of studies usually do not render fast progress therefore the parents of the little dancers should not worry upon seeing no immediate development. It will come with diligent work, but not at once.

What skills are developed at ballet classes?
Ballet develops correct posture and overall feeling of one’s body, develops coordination of movements and ability to concentrate, strengthens the body, makes it strong and lithe, makes girls more feminine. Even when one does not wish to engage in dancing professionally, ballet classes in one’s childhood is a great contribution in the future – the girl will have a beautiful posture, she will be graceful and in good physical



Is it possible not to attend the classes if the child falls ill or we go on a journey?
It is not advisable to be absent from classes, as the child will then fall behind the others – intensive work goes on at every class. If the child is frequently absent it often enough is the reason why the child suddenly dislikes attending the classes. But you should not bring your ill child to the class, of course.