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We welcome to our studio every one wishing to dance, starting from five years of age – both those who want to dance just for their own pleasure and those who want to master the dance at the professional level.

The studio was opened in 1994 when the renowned ballet dancer and choreographer Zita Errs decided that the time had come to pass over to the younger generation of becoming dancers her knowledge and skills accumulated over many years.

Our first students are already grownups today, but some of them still continue to attend ballet classes at our studio because the dance has become the love of their hearts and an inseparable part of their lives regardless of their professional achievements. For many of our students we have been as a career runway – their first ballet school where the basics of dance were mastered and the first experience on the stage was gained.

It is very important to become acquainted with the joy and excitement of performance even when you are just learning to dance. Only when on the stage, you can really understand what it means to be an artist. Therefore we organise concert programs twice a year where the students can present what they have learned during classes and gain this wonderful and necessary experience. Over the years we have staged a number of ballet performances, with participation of both the older and the youngest students of the studio. To expand the views of our students and gain more stage experience we organise performances not only in Riga and other cities of Latvia, but also abroad. Our best students have succeeded at international ballet competitions and festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Slovakia.