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Step by step, by movement, by gesture, through “I cannot”, “I want not” and “I fail here” one should advance towards the understanding of dance. And then the miracle happens – the dance understands you and loves you…
 /Ēriks Tivums/

What age groups are the classes intended for?
We accept children from 5 years of age. If the child starts to attend at the age of 10 or more, it is advisable to have preliminary knowledge of dancing.
Students work in four groups at our studio:

  • Preparatory group: ages 5-6
  • First group: ages 6-8
  • Second group: ages 9-11
  • Third group: ages 12-14
  • Senior group: over age of 15

Each group accepts not more than 10 to 15 students, so that during the class the teacher could attend to everyone and provide individual guidance.

What are the times of classes?
The classes take place in the weekday evenings and Saturday mornings during the academic year – from September to June. We have holidays at summer. Timetable for the academic year 2011/ 2012:
 [Schedule with class times* across groups.]

*The times of classes may be changed when preparing for concerts, festivals or competitions.

What does one need for the class?
Ballet slippers, tights, body, skirt. The colour of the girls’ dancewear for the preliminary group and the first and second group is white, but for the third and fourth group – black.
The girl’s hair should be pinned up in a bun by means of hairpins and elastic bands.